6 thoughts on “Duh! Magazine – Issue 3

  1. Perhaps my tastes/pleasures in humor are tasteless…I also enjoy Carlos Mencia whom many deride. I guess it is an “eye of the beholder” situation.

    Cheers – thanks for the blog post and please keep em coming.

  2. I am SO GLAD for the Abraham Lincoln headline. A lot of people wonder about that, including me, so it is incredibly helpful to have reminders like that. It’s hard to remember everything, what with my crazy busy life.

  3. I have a visceral reaction to Rachael Ray’s name and/or likeness. Leaves me retching.

    But Erin’s right: the Abe Lincoln topper is so appropos in this quickly-disintegrating election year. Too bad he’s still dead, though. We could use his honesty these days.

    Jenny’s last blog post: Times Is Hard … Right?

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