Writer’s Block Rambling

I am suffering from writer’s block.

There, I said it.

However, I need to write something. I have updated 4 to 7 times a week for the past few weeks. I haven’t been that prolific as a blogger since…well, I’ve never been that prolific as a blogger.

Anyway, since I have no ideas, but I need to write anyway, I’m just going to ramble about whatever comes to me. I highly doubt any of this will be funny or amusing, and I’ll be shocked if all of it makes sense. But a blog update is a blog update, right? Right?

Twitter Me This

At Angi’s urging, I signed up for Twitter yesterday. I’ll talk more about it in a later blog post I’m sure, but for now I’m still trying to figure the darn thing out. Are any of YOU on Twitter? Do you even know what it is? Don’t be ashamed (well, be a LITTLE ashamed) if you don’t because I knew virtually nothing about it.

If any of you are on Twitter, let me know in a comment below so I can follow/stalk you. If you want to follow/stalk me, just check out the link above.

Preach On, Brother Lloyd

As I have blogged about lately, the stock market and the economy is on my mind. After having one of its worst weeks in history last week, the market had its biggest day since the 1930s yesterday. Today, it’s mixed.

I don’t know how many of you play the stock market, have retirement accounts (IRA, 401k, etc.) or even care about this stuff in the least, but it’s important I unburden myself right now with a rant.

Warren Buffet once said (I am paraphrasing) that the stock market is simply the exchange of money between people who panic and people who are able to keep their cool. I think this is exactly what is going on right now.

Make no mistake: our economy is in bad shape. It is going to get worse before it gets better. But it should not go way down and way up, sometimes in the same day, like it’s been doing lately. That much volatility is abnormal. What is essentially happening is you have two groups of people, the ones who panic and the ones who are ready to take advantage of those who panic.

Panicky people, in the immortal words of Lloyd Dobler: You must chill. You must chill.


I like someone. I like someone quite a bit, actually.

(And yes, it is a girl)

Et Tu, Sony Ericsson Walkman Phone?

My mom, one of my brothers and both my sisters are notorious for breaking their cell phones. They go through phones quicker than I go through peanut butter. It’s sad, really. And, as is my way, I remind them how sad it is quite often.

You see, I have had my same phone for three years now. The one I had before this phone I had for one year, and I gave it to my grandparents, who are still using it. So, in four years, two phones — both still alive and kicking. My mom and siblings have collectively gone through, by my estimation, 26 phones during that time frame.

However, it appears an animal, probalby a dog, has a chewed the charger to my phone. Yesterday, I had to hold the charger in place for 30 minutes in order to recharge my phone. I don’t think this technically counts as my phone breaking, but it’s still a bummer.

Wrap it Up

Okay, that’s all I have. This was sad wasn’t it? Maybe my writer’s block is a direct result of my posts not getting many comments lately. What do you think about THAT?

That’s right. I called all of you out. I strongly suggest leaving me comments, or else I’ll have to call you out on Twitter, too.

About Kevin

Who am I? I am a cipher, wrapped in an enigma, smothered in secret sauce. Also, my name is Kevin and I own this here website.

15 thoughts on “Writer’s Block Rambling

  1. Apparently all the cool kids are Twitter-ing these days.

    Is it Twittering? Twitterating? Twitterawfwaekfjwaeofajwefojaing?

    Re: the economy…taking advantage of panicky people is fun. If only I weren’t so stock market illiterate.

    Re: your phone…that’s crappy. Apparently Comcast drilled through a wire in my bedroom this morning, though, so I can’t charge my phone in my room either. I wish I could blame a dog, but unfortunately, it was pure human incompetence.

    Re: dwindling comments…it must be in the water. Same thing’s happening to me…

  2. I’ve had the same cell phone for almost four years now. It’s a boring, old, Nokia brick-phone, but it refuses to die. I actually “upgraded” to some Pantec phone when I renewed my contract, but it was a piece of crap, so I reverted back to my reliable Nokia.

    Hey, I’m half-way to the bottom spot on the top-commentator’s list. Alright!

  3. @Angi: Want more comments? Just criticize the Democrat candidate for President and/or his supporters….worked for me.

    @Kev: Just be glad you’re not at home sick today like I am. Blah! I hope to be back at my desk again tomorrow.

    I’ve had 2 phones in four years. But only because I wanted to upgrade. They both still work.

    RE: Twitter–I signed up for Twitter last year. It became boring very quickly. I just can’t see the point.

    Josh H.’s last blog post: Fun Things To Do When You’re Bored

  4. Josh…good idea. It’s almost magical, the way the Kool-aid drinkers sniff out blogs that dare to mention anything negative about “The One”…oops. I was supposed to criticize on my blog…

  5. I’ve had two cell phones over the past 12 years (not counting the 1-week stint I had with Verizon, got a new phone and added DH, and they tried to charge me extra for texting [DH is deaf, they knew it when they sold us the phones and lied about the plans - who the F*** sells a cell phone-only plan to a deaf guy????], so I said [you know what] and told them to watch me walk across the street into the Alltel building. They did, and so did I. I’ve been with them ever since.) I thought about upgrading, but they no longer carry the equipment to download my phone book, so I said no thanks. They brought the techie guy up from the back, and I asked him if they were laughing at my big old phone, but he said it was actually one of the best ever made, before its time, hold onto it as long as I can (it’s a Toshiba).

    OMG I love John Cusack. I’d love to spread fluffy cream cheese ….. never mind. That was always one of my favorite JC movies, though.

    I moaned enough about the economy already, had quite the epiphany of my own and it was never even acknowledged. So I have to whine now, since I’m a total comment whore and haven’t gotten many lately.

    And as for Twitter… I only have so many hours in a day, most of them working, and gadgets like that only distract me and get me in trouble with my boss. Hands off, for me.

    Angie’s last blog post: Oh My God

  6. broken phone charger? good luck ever getting a new one, especially for a phone that’s three years old. i swear it’s like they deliberately loose all the accessories for any phone older than six months just so that you HAVE to buy a new one if something breaks/goes missing.

    as for your writer’s block, try coming up with some sort of contest! those are always tons of fun. and it could be a non-virtual contest where you have to submit photo proof of real-time victory in order to win… photoshops not accepted.

  7. *pants* I’m exhausted from playing catch-up and I haven’t even got to any other blogs yet. This is why it’s important to read all blogs every day. At least twice.

    Anyway, since I started having a cell phone 7 years ago, I’ve had three. But I don’t think the second one counts because the only reason I got it was that I had to get a new phone since I was moving overseas for a few months. And then I had to get my third phone when I came BACK to the U.S. *pouts* You’d think they could have worked with me a little more. I want a pay-as-you-go but I’m strangely obsessed with seeing if all the paint will rub off my phone and it will be all glowy and neat. Wherever the paint has rubbed off so far it is glowy underneath.

    And that’s all from this edition of More Than You Ever Cared To Know About Erin’s Life.

  8. I am so excited that Angi got you Twitter-ing now! I heart Twitter. And I’m stalking you AND Angi now. Just so ya know.

    Sorry to hear about your phone! Hopefully you’re eligible for an upgrade so you can buy a shiny new one. Oooo!

  9. P.S. I just tried to go to Angi’s blog and was accosted by this error:

    Proxy Error

    The proxy server received an invalid response from an upstream server.
    The proxy server could not handle the request GET /.

    Reason: Error reading from remote server

    What does that mean? I’m going to have SleepForDreaming withdrawals until this is fixed. Since you’re her tech guy… I’m telling YOU. :-)

  10. Corrina, my blog host is against me. That’s all there is to it. It hates me, and it boasts that it hates me to the entire world in the form of a proxy error. I keep trying to convince it that we need couple’s therapy, but so far, no dice.

  11. Whatever do you mean, by grouping me in the same category as everyone else who goes through phones rapidly? It’s never been my fault when my phone broke! Have I ever flushed it down the toilet like your sister did? NO! Also, I must add that no dog, cat, or other creature has ever chewed my charger cord. I safely put my phone away out of reach. I’ve only ever had two phones, and I’m lots older than you! So there.

    I’m highly insulted.


  12. I Twitter, but I suck at twittering. I always forget I’m twittering until someone follows me and then I’m like, “Oh yah, maybe I should update my Twitter”.

    Ummm, as for cell phones I’m very protective as I know little or nothing about technology. In other words, if you don’t touch it much, you can’t break it!

    And writer’s block? I’m experiencing that right now. That’s how I found you. I’m just cruising across the blogosphere totally ignoring the fact that I really should be updating my blog. ;)

    AngieSS’s last blog post: I Hate…

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