8 thoughts on “Duh! Magazine – Issue 10

  1. I totally gotta get moving on these comments. Long way to go to catch up, and Erin’s even FURTHER ahead of me than she was before! Ack! And now Jenny’s ranking with Cherie, so I’ve got 3? What the heck am I doing wrong?

  2. @Angie: I think a lot of people missed Axl’s return.

    Haha. If everyone treated my comment rankings as a competition worth winning, my site would be a lot more popular!

    @Josh: It’s okay. I’m pretty sure wanting to slap Paris Hilton is perfectly legal and natural. Doctors have began prescribing it to patients, in fact.

  3. I think Angie is forgetting to send Kev the cookies. oh and yes a monkey. Otherwise make lots of typos…. that make seemingly PG comments into NC17. Then you have to repost to backpeddle. Or else be censored by Kev. Well Kev… maybe you should give us something for winning the comment ranking. I say a tee-shirt that says…. I’m a winner at special kind of stupid.

  4. @Cherie: Yes, people keep forgetting about the cookies. And the money. Those are key ingredients to moving up the rankings!

    @Angi: Ooooh, good one! And she most definitely is, by the way. She’s posing nude and giving interviews left and right (Okay, we get it…you’re over Brad Pitt…John Maher is great…you’re happy…JUST SHUT UP ALREADY!). Major midlife crisis going on.

  5. Axl who? I vaguely remember some guy named Axl who, come to find out, was nobody without the rest of his band…

    And the way Josh feels about Paris, I feel about Jennifer….

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