Fighting the rage against the socialist machine

As much as I would like to write a long rant about my disdain for the passing of Obamacare, I just don’t feel like it. Life is too good to let myself get bogged down by the utter stupidity of our elected officials.

So, instead of a rant, I want to write about good things today. Positive things. Things that distract me from the fact our country is going to hell in a socialist hand basket.

For example, my friend got married on Saturday. She’s currently enjoying her honeymoon in Hawaii. This is a friend I think the world of, who I know used to have the world’s worst boyfriend before she met her the man who is now her husband. This is reason to smile and be happy.

I have another friend who turns 27 years old today! Granted, it’s entirely possible the birthday card I mailed her will never see the light day due to incompetent mailmen, me having written down her address wrong, interference from Obama (the man is an evil multitasker) or some combination of all three, but thankfully I have this blog as a backup to send her “hope you have a wonderful birthday!” wishes.

Puppies and kittens are just as adorable today as they were on Saturday. That’s something to feel good about, right?

Pants that are too loose in the waist to wear anymore.

Opening day for the Atlanta Braves is two weeks away. If THAT isn’t enough to make me forget the awfulness that is Nancy Pelosi I don’t know what will!

I am having a particularly awesome hair day today. Awesome hair days rock.

I just had a ten minute conversation with my boss, who turns out is just as stupefied by Obamacare. Beyond the obvious comradery that was built, I believe I can use this to my advantage during my next performance review.

Modest, pretty girls who wear modest, pretty things.


Those are just a few of the things that have helped me forget the ridiculous, immoral, incompetence going on in Washington.

At least for today.

My rage will return tomorrow, I’m sure of it.

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3 thoughts on “Fighting the rage against the socialist machine

  1. Ahhh, I needed this post..that is for sure. I have to admit that I was feeling rather discouraged after the passage of this completely partisan monstrosity on Sunday eve. But then I read your post and I felt better. Puppies and kittens, both are adorable and I love them. Almonds, just had some tonight on my salad. So healthy for you(oh no! I just thought of “healthcare” again when I wrote that word). My little niece Allissa who is about to turn two in a few weeks, that perks me up too. My sister told me that she’s asking “why?” to everything over and over until you answer her.(Sigh) So cute. I talked to my Grandma tonight and she said that when she thinks about this tyrranical president and this Socialist bill she just has to start singing songs about Jesus so she can cope. LOL! I think she might be on to something.

  2. Awesome hair days do indeed rock, and so do you. I too know a modest, pretty girl who wears modest, pretty things, who turned 27 on Monday. She’s quite a gal. We are lucky to know her and other darlings like her! Not to mention puppies and kittens, and clothing too loose in the waist to wear anymore! Who needs any more reasons than that to be happy and ignore the evil machinations of our elected officials? Not I.

  3. @Audrey: Glad my post was timely! Too bad “healthy” things like almonds makes us think of “health care.” I had the same problem yesterday while eating some broccoli. “This broccoli tastes good. Plus, it’s healthy. Grrr. Healthy. Health care. Darn Obama and his socialist policies!!!” Haha.

    Allissa’s “why” demands sound adorable. If only Obama supporters asked “why” every time he spoke. Our country would be much better off. Instead, all they do is shout and cheer and soak up every lying word that leaves the man’s mouth! Grrr.

    There I go being all negative again. My apologies!

    @Jenny: You, too, know a modest, pretty girl who wears modest, pretty things who turned 27 on Monday?? What are the odds! Haha.

    Thanks for saying I rock. I also roll, but only when I have to. I don’t like to show off, after all. ;-)

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