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“The Blog.” Musings and meandering thoughts on whatever strikes me as amusing or interesting at a particular moment. There is no rhyme or reason to the posts you will find here. Trust me.

Eat fresh!

After church this morning, my wife and I stopped at Subway for a quick lunch before browsing around some stores.

We had never been to this particular Subway restaurant before.

The two employees were… how can I phrase it?


Actually, that’s not fair. They were just easily distracted.

Granted, what kept distracting them was each other, but hey… distractions happen.

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Back from the dead

Back on February 3, I announced I was shutting down Special Kind of Stupid.

The world mourned, but my mind was made up. My domain and hosting contract was due for renewal, and money in our household was tight. So, I made a difficult decision:

I pulled the plug on Special Kind of Stupid.

However, a few days ago I had a change of heart. Some would say this change was a result of nostalgia on my part. Others would say it had to do with my discovering this domain has a Google Page Rank of 3 and you just don’t throw away domains with page ranks of 3.

We’ll let historians figure out the real reason.

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Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end

Pay no attention to the following. Special Kind of Stupid is back!

Way back in 2007, I retired a free lil’ WordPress blog and set up the self-hosted blog you see. I was moving into the big leagues — paying for a domain, which would be able to have whatever custom look I wanted to give it. It was a magical time.

Then Obama became president and ruined everything.

Okay, so not really. The man is the worst, but he has nothing to do with the end of Special Kind of Stupid in its current state. At least I don’t think he does.

No, I just can no longer rationalize paying the yearly domain registration and hosting fees for a blog that is no longer a priority in my life. I still blog. Occasionally. But not enough to warrant paying money out of pocket to do so.

And so, is shutting down and the old (now new) blog is returning.

Do not shed tears, my friends. Well, I mean, do shed a few. That’s a given. But no more than a hundred or so. For you see, all the posts I’ve written and the comments left me these past 7 years have been backed up. And I have imported them to the old/new blog.

I’ve enjoyed being the master of my own website domain these last 7 years. It’s hard to believe it’s been that long. So much in my life has changed during that time. Some of it (let’s face it, I regularly blogged about “real” things) were documented here on the site.

It was a great run. And I thank all of you who took the journey with me.

Stop blaming Walmart for why you punched someone over a toaster

The contempt being thrown at retail stores — Walmart, specifically — for how lots of people acted crazy on Black Friday a few days ago makes perfect sense.

Clearly, these people — shoppers with free will who voluntarily chose to face large crowds on Thanksgiving Day in order to buy tablets, TVs, a DVD of Family Matters: Season One, or whatever it is tickled their fancy — were innocent victims who had craziness thrust upon them by the evil entity known as Walmart.


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Thank you Beth Tillack, aka my new hero

Back in 2009, I wrote — not one, but — two articles discussing entitlement and the way society bends over backwards to hand things to people they did not earn.

(I’m still waiting to receive accolades for writing the two articles, though. Just sayin’. After all, am I not entitled as a human to have praise thrust upon me anytime I do anything, no matter how “meh” that thing might be? I DEMAND PRAISE AND I DEMAND IT NOW!)

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Obama should hire me to fix health care website

With all the issues plaguing Obamacare’s new baby, the website, the contractors who created it are testifying today in a Congressional hearing. Neither the White House nor the contractors want to accept responsibility for the issues, so there likely will be much finger pointing.

Regardless of who is responsible, there is one indisputable fact: They should hire me to fix the website.

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Fun movie & TV facts (that may or may not be true)

The wife and I watched the movie “Hook” last night. This led me to Tweet the following:

Interesting factoid: Dustin Hoffman was so dedicated to the part of Captain Hook that he chopped off his hand in order to prepare for the role. Not one to be outdone, Robin Williams prepared for the role of Peter Pan by trying on a pair of tights.

Factual? Maybe, maybe not. I mean, who really knows whether or not Robin Williams tried on tights. The Tweet did inspire me to share more movie factoids with you.

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