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SKOS readers are encouraged — nay, begged — to submit content to the site. However, there are things you need to know and guidelines you need to follow.

What do I write about?

Something funny!

I have enough trouble finding time to update my own blog. I like you. You’re funny. But why should I bother submitting content to this site?

An excellent question, and thank you for the compliment. The reason I allow others to submit content is to give myself and the readers of the site even more funny material to read, ponder and dismiss. The more contributors we have, the more stuff we have to read and comment on.

More than likely, a majority of the site’s readers will never submit anything. That is, of course, perfectly okay (though a tad evil). But for those who do contribute, doing so has a number of advantages.

For one, your own blog may have a specific niche you want to stay within. You might have a funny story, but it may not fit in with what you typically write about. You could post it here and avoid confusing your regular readers.

Another advantage is you can publicize your own blog or website. Any published content you contribute will feature your bio, a link to your site and your gravatar. As popular as SKOS is, this could translate into your site picking up 3 or 4 additional readers. Maybe 5!

And three, you get to contribute to and improve a site you (hopefully) enjoy and frequently visit. You can’t put a price on that, but if you could I don’t think it’s out of line to say the price would be almost $2.

I’m convinced. So what are the %!&#@$ rules?

Easy, big guy. Rule #1 is everything at this site is clean. “Blue” might be a pretty color and it certainly was an awesome character in the movie Old School, but its humor has no place here at SKOS. My mom visits this site, people. Seriously.

The only other rules are these: your submission needs to amuse me and it needs to not hurt my head. You can accomplish the former by being funny, and the latter by minimizing spelling and grammatical errors.

Anything else I should know?

Don’t get bogged down trying to write something that fits into the “stupid” theme. Heck, half of the things I write don’t seem to fit into that theme. So long as what you submit is funny and clean (and spell checked), it’s fine. If it’s about something stupid, then all the better.

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